About Us
Gideon Test
Gideon Test is member of Vitelic Technology (International) Limited, whom is the leading semiconductor company in Hong Kong, with visions to reshape the industry of Hong Kong through innovation, quality excellence and operational efficiency. Expected launch in Oct 2016 by the Vitelic Technology (International) Limited, we inherited tremendous engineering experience and technology knowhow in wafer and IC test.
Gidon Test provide advanced cost effective wafer and IC testers with our own technology. We emphasize on the protection of intellectual property, long-term trust-worthy partnership to achieve total customers satisfaction. Our targeted customers are wafer and IC test companies across China and HK.
2016 : Gideon Test expected launch in Oct 2016
Core Values
We are the right team to make all the difference. People is our biggest asset, all our senior executives have over twenty years of experience in semiconductor industry. More than 70% of our staffs are engineers.
Our common goal is to drive the operational excellence. The one-stop service is an example of teamwork. It is a proven model to shorten the turn-around time and maximize the economical return of our customers.
We believe the innovation makes things happen. Innovation and creativity are the key elements of our technology and product development. Good ideas are abundant in our engineering team, and we are eager to turn all of them into reality.
Our passion drive us to challenge the impossible. We understand timing is everything. Both our engineering and production teams are so dedicated to beating the schedule and outpacing customer expectation.
Gideon has good track record of making superior products and protecting intellectual property. We are recognized as a trustworthy business partner. Through the long-term collaboration, we have built up the mutual trust and loyalty with our customers and suppliers.
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